The Effect of Paired Storytelling on the Students’ Speaking Skill


  • Desi Suryani University of Bengkulu


paired storytelling, quasi experiment, speaking skill


A teacher needs an interactive teaching technique. It is needed in order to motivate students to learn and to help them to participate and to understand about the material they learn. The objective of this research is to find out whether there is an effect of paired storytelling to the students’ ability in speaking or not at second grade at SMAN 5 Bengkulu Selatan. This was a quasi-experiment. The population of this research was the the second year students of SMA Negeri 5 Bengkulu Selatan which consisted of 210 students. The sample of this research was the XI IPA 1 (37 students) as the experimental group and the XI IPA 2 (37 students) as the control group. Those represent the population. The treatment was given only for the experimental class. The pre-test was given to the two groups before giving the treatment. The result was t-count in the pre-test was smaller than t-table ((1.09 <1.98). This indicated that the groups were equal ability. For the post-test, in contrast, the t-count was greater than t-table (6.23 > 1.980). this indicated that the paired storytelling technique could give a positive effect to the students’ ability in speaking skill.


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