Study of Book Contents “Writing International Journal Articles In English Rhetoric Style” by Prof. Safnil Arsyad


  • Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana


Book content, writing international journal, English Rethoric style


Book studies are used as material to improve and revise the content of writing. Although the additional information is sometimes only in the form of rhetorical structure information. However, when the rhetoric of writing is understood, understanding will flow which leads to a revision of the written content. The data of this research are textbook Writing International Journal Articles in English Rhetoric Style, and completed with interviews. The Data analysis used steps; (1) observation and read data, (2) identifying important information, (3) grouping, (4) interpretation of analysis results, and (5) conclusion. The findings of this study are grouped into two, that is general findings and specific findings. These two findings reinforce the existence of the book, that this book should be read by all academicians who have the desire to publish in international journals. In conclusion, this book is good and must be read by all academicians who are interested in a publication in international journals. As a suggestion, academicians must read this book.


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