Implementing Blended Learning to Teach Listening for University Students


  • Hellen Astria University of Bengkulu


blended learning, listening skill


In the context of language acquisition, listening comes first before the other three skills (speaking, reading, and writing).  That is the reason of why language teachers or lecturers need to think of how to incorporate listening into the teaching process and facilitate the students to have opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to expose them to significant listening input. On the other hand, students need interesting and enjoyable materials to understand lstening, blended learning is one of the solution to attract students’ interest in learning listening. The primary focus of this article is to observe the implementation of blended learning in teaching listening. At the end, the implemetation of blended learning is hoped to offers ways for lecturers to be more effective in the teaching and learning process and brings positive outcomes for the students.


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