A Study of Students’ Reading Interest of English Diploma III Study Program at University of Bengkulu


  • Yunita Antasari University of Bengkulu
  • Gita Mutiara Hati University of Bengkulu
  • Indah Damayanti University of Bengkulu


English diploma III, reading interest


This study aimed to find out and identify students’ reading interest of English Diploma III study program at university of Bengkulu. The populations of this research were all students of English Diploma III University of Bengkulu, in which there were four classes, first semester consist of one class, third semester consist of two classes, and fifth semester consist of one class. The total numbers of the population are 115 students. The researcher took all the population as the sample in this research. The instruments of this research were questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire consists of two sections. There are section A and section B.  The data were analyzed by using percentage formula. The result of this research showed students’ reading interest of English Diploma III Study Program was low. The favorite type of English reading material was website (32%). Most of students choose education (26%) as their favorite genre of English reading material. Online (37%) was the favorite sources of reading material. Then, more than half of students tend to choose bedroom (74%) as their favorite reading spot. On the other hand, look for an interesting title (24%) as the favorite method when students want to get English reading material.


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