The Effect of REDW (Read, Examine, Decide, Write) Strategy on Student Reading Comprehension


  • Juristian Adi Nata University of Bengkulu


REDW Strategy, reading skill, reading comprehension



The objective of this research is to find the effect of reading, examine, decide, write (REDW) toward Student Reading Comprehension in Fourth Semester at English Education study Program of Muhammadiyah University  of Bengkulu in Academic year 2018/2019. The research design of this research was experimental study that involved two group that are experimental and control group. The researcher took using purposive sampling. The subject of this research is 20 student for control Group and 20 student for Experiment group. Student Reading comprehension was measure by test reading text and question. In analyzing data, the researcher using SPSS 2.0 to know  the differences score between using REDW Strategy and using conventional teaching technique. The result of this research teaching Reading use REDW Strategy effective to be applied at the fourth semester student of English education study program of muhammadiyah university of Bengkulu in academic 2018/2019. It can be seen on the result of posttest the mean of experimental group was 87 and the mean of control group was 72,5. The score of T-count  from two group was 6,42. The value of T-table was 2,0244,so t-count was higher than t-table (6.42 < 2.0244). from the result above the researcher give suggestion for: The result of This research give an information especially for the English lecturer about read, examine, decide, write (REDW) strategy, so the lecturer could consider to teach reading in the classroom because this strategy is one alternative strategy in developing student’s reading comprehension.


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