Improving Students’ Vocabulary Achievement Through Possible Sentence (PS) Strategy


  • Wiwit Akriani University of Bengkulu
  • Nadrah Institute Agama Islam Negri Bengkulu
  • Riswanto Institut Agama Islam Negeri Bengkulu


Possible Sentence, vocabulary


The aim of this research was Improving Students’ Vocabulary Achievement through Possible Sentence (PS) Strategy (Classroom Action Research at the fifth Grade Students of 37 Kaur in Academic Year 2017/2018). This study applied Classroom Action Research (CAR) method. The respondents of this research were the Eighth Grade Students of SDN 37 Kaur in Academic year 2017/2018. The data were collected by asking the students to Vocabulary test, observation, interview, and documentation. The result proved that Possible Sentence (PS) Strategy could improve the students’ Vocabulary test at the fifth Grade Students of 37 Kaur in Academic Year 2017/2018. It can be seen from improvement that the students made in test score and the progress of their behavior in the classroom. The students’ average score in pre-assessment test was (61) that included into “Moderate” category; and average score in cycle III test was (76.86) that included into “Good” category. Then, the students’ behavior in learning English was also improved. The students looked silent, serious, and cheerful in the process of teaching and learning, enjoyed the class very much, and had good participation in study group. It means that the students had good interaction with teacher and other students in the classroom. Furthermore, the students learning motivation was better.


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