Analysis of the TOEFL Mastery of Postgraduate Program (S2) at Bengkulu University


  • Syahrial University of Bengkulu
  • Syafryadin Syafryadin University of Bengkulu


TOEFL Policy, English language mastery


One of the qualities of graduates at undergraduate and postgraduate level is having the ability to speak English. This is believed to be a preparation for the era of globalization where communication between countries is getting easier. The ability to speak English is actually a life and academic skills that support the development of Indonesian people, especially in the field of technology transfer and economic growth. That is what Bengkulu University hopes by implementing the TOEFL policy as a prerequisite for the thesis examination as well as the prerequisites for graduation and graduation. Ironically, the data of the last few years shows that the average student, which was focused on postgraduate students, has not entirely succeeded in achieving the minimum TOEFL score set, which is 400. With a survey design, this study involved graduate program students who were prospective graduates of the University of Bengkulu as the data source which gave TOEFL scores as research data. The research data were analyzed quantitatively by using mean score, frequency and percentage values.


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