Translation Techniques Analysis of English – Indonesian in Samsung Manual Book


  • Tarina Dashela Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika Pontianak


translation techniques, literal translation, descriptive qualitative


This research aimed at analyzing and describing the types of translation technique found in Samsung manual book. The data were analyzed through translation technique stated by Molina and Albir (2002). In this occasion, the researcher focused on the types of translation techniques which covered borrowing, free modulation, generalization, literal translation, particularization, reduction, and transposition, found in Samsung manual book from English (as source language) into Bahasa Indonesia (as the target language). Problems discussed in this research were 1) what types of translation found in Samsung manual book? And 2) what are the most frequent types of translation techniques found in Samsung manual book? To solve the problems, descriptive qualitative method was implemented in this research. The data were taken from each sentence or phrase in English into Indonesian. Finally, the researcher found seven techniques used in Samsung manual book. In addition, the high percentage is Literal Translation which is 76.4%.


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